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About us

MDM Consultancy & Marketing is a young company, established since April 2011, with a fresh perspective on business opportunities. We take pride in functioning as a source of information and knowledge, enabling our clients to achieve better results.

Consulting and managing

We provide a wide range of services such as consulting and managing projects worldwide in many different areas, consulting and managing Second Citizenship Programs by investments and exploring markets to meet the objectives of our clients.

Citizenship by investment

We work as an Approved Authorized Government Agent and International Promoter for Dominica. For the Citizenship by Investment program we work in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica which have particularly strict rules regarding privacy and confidentiality of clients. For every individual case we look at the business from a professional perspective, asking the right questions and digging deep into numbers to unearth the right solutions.

Customized approach

Our approach and recommendations are highly customized. We not only help our clients making their decisions but also make sure decisions are quickly translated into actions in order to use the full potential of their business. With this approach we build long-term strong relationships which are beneficial for both parties. As consultants we are confident that our contribution will make the difference for successful decisions made by our clients.