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Pharmacy, Healthcare & Cosmetics

private label

Creating a private label offers many benefits and ensures the marketing and sales of a product with unique characteristics. By using a private label you can build brand awareness in your market, improve customer loyalty and ensure repeat purchases. A private label also will help to attain larger profit margins which in turn allows you to offer a lower retail price. This is a significant advertising opportunity.

We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical, healthcare and cosmetic products, including advanced nutritionals. All products are under strict quality control and are notified at the necessary authorities.

MDM Consultancy & Marketing will assist you with creating your own private label brand from the first idea until the last finishing touch. If desired we will manage the entire process. We will make sure you get your own private label for innovative formulas at budget prices. Our low order quantity for private labeling is very unique and distinguishes our services from others.

Summary of benefits for creating your own brand:

  • ◊ Gain exclusivity: Experience all the benefits of higher profits
  • ◊ Attention: Use private label as a marketing tool to enhance your brand awareness and stores image
  • ◊ Freedom: determine your own store promotions and other promotions with better margins[
  • ◊ Repeat purchases: create more brand loyalty among your customers


All formulas have a specific composition of ingredients in order to create a product with a specific function.

In-house formulas

The in-house formulas are standard formulas which make it possible to buy and create your own private label by customizing your liquids, tablets, gels, creams, powders and capsules as your own brand.

Custom-made formula

Custom-made formulas have to respect regulations. You can provide us with your formulation and we can manage approvals and together with our manufacturer produce for you. The minimum order quantity for custom made formula products depend on packaging and product type.