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Economic Citizenship Contribution, Government Donation

The highly reputable Citizenship by Investment Program in Dominica invites investors of good character to make an economic contribution to Dominica and in exchange, the applicant and their family are eligible to obtain full citizenship of the country, within the strict guidelines of the law.

Effectively September 15th, 2022, Dominica Economic Citizenship Contribution program options: 

Single Applicant US$ 100,000
Main applicant and spouse US$ 150,000
Family of 4, main applicant and 3 dependants US$ 175,000
Any additional dependants under the age of 18 US$ 25,000
Certificate of Naturalization fee US$ 250 per person
Expedited passport fee US$ 1200 per passport

Siblings are not qualified as dependants 

Administration and professional fees for a single applicant or for a family have to be transferred into the account of MDM Consultancy & Marketing which will act as your representative for the citizenship application. This must be paid before any processing can begin and is non refundable. This fee is inclusive of all professional, legal, administration fees and ancillary charges.

◊ Professional fees for citizenship are payable for all applicants and can vary depending on country of origin and the number of dependants

The fee for the due diligence must be paid when determined by the due diligence agency and their quotation has been submitted. The fee is non refundable and will vary from case to case.

Due Diligence fees:

  • ◊ US$ 7,500 for main applicant
  • ◊ US$ 4,000 for spouse
  • ◊ US$ 4,000 for dependants above 16 years
  • ◊ US$ 1,000 processing fee

*In some cases, an enhanced due diligence may be required depending on the applicant’s citizenship.

You have to transfer the donation into the Government Escrow account when the results of your due-diligence check have come back to us with a pre- approval for the citizenship. We will provide you with Government’s bank details at this stage.