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Guidance of companies

Starting a new business or establishing a foreign branch requires fundamental economic, financial and legal knowledge. Support and advice from an experienced consultant can be an important key to success.

In order to have a solid base, accurate investments planning, financial planning, solvency planning and profitability planning are necessary. Possibilities of recruiting foreign capital, for instance in the form of public or European grants need to be explored.

Extensive network

We use our extensive network of contacts all over the world to get your business off to a flying start. We can put you in touch with individuals or companies providing very cost effective solutions to all of your start-up business requirements. In addition, we can recommend sources of government grants and other funds which might provide financial and other economic help to people starting a (small/medium-sized) business.

As an Approved Authorized Government Agent and Official Approved International Promoter for the Commonwealth of Dominica we will be glad to assist you in setting up your business or investing in Dominica and other countries.

Thanks to our activities in many different areas we offer opportunities for combined multiple services within one single agency and/or agency network.